We provide our clients with experience and personalized attention on a wide range of construction projects where time, money, and piece of mind are at the forefront of our clients' needs.

Our staff are recognized experts in construction cost and budget analysis, including detailed costs for construction, conceptual estimates, cost of repair, regional cost fluctuations, construction budget monitoring.

As leading forensic consultants, our team knows the pitfalls encountered during construction and has the experience to identify and resolve those problems before they become a problem on your job.

A key component during the design of a project is to understand the cost before the project is submitted to the City. PCA will work with your design team to insure that the final design is budget friendly and can be constructed as designed.

A successful construction project starts with a solid bid. Let PCA prepare a comprehensive bid solicitation and specification package to make sure bids are “apples to apples” and meet the owner’s needs.

It sounds easy. Take out a ruler and measure the plans. It isn’t. Any construction analysis requires a detailed understanding of the quantities of work contemplated by the plans. The foundation of construction analysis is accurate quantity analysis.

Keeping a construction project on schedule can be as important as on budget. PCA is experienced with the establishment and monitoring of construction schedules in various formats.

PCA’s staff has analyzed, reviewed, and prepared countless construction contracts and are experts in contract administration.

Construction projects are fluid and ever changing. When changes do occur, PCA can process change orders that are responsible from a cost and contract administration perspective.

Our staff has prepared project documentation on a wide range of projects to provide owners the updates they need, as well as record and document the daily construction process.

A successful project starts at conception. PCA is experienced working with architects and engineers to make sure they meet their obligations and develop a design that meets the client’s specifications.