Our staff are recognized forensic experts in building construction and site development and have helped property owners, contractors, and developers recover millions of dollars in damages.

PCA’s staff are recognized experts in general engineer and building construction and have provided testimony at deposition, arbitration, mediation, jury trial and bench trial.

PCA has provided testimony for both plaintiff and defense on construction related matters. Our priority to is tell the story of what happened, regardless of who has hired our firm.

What went wrong and why? We are the expert you need to help figure out key failures in completed construction projects.

Let the PCA team evaluate your project and determine whether that “problem” is a normal occurrence or a construction defect. If it is indeed a construction defect, our team has the experience to evaluate the condition and determine who was at fault and how it should be fixed.

Contractors and property owners alike are often baffled on why a project went over budget. Our staff has the tools and experience to find out not only how much the project went over budget, but why.

In construction a key element is whether parties acted in a manner prudent and reasonable. With our broad construction experience, PCA has provided standard of care testimony for a wide range of construction personnel who perform and manage the work as well as for the companies which they work.

Contract disputes can range from minor costs to millions. What they all have in common is a disagreement on what contract terms mean or imply. Our staff has the knowledge to define the parameters of a contract as they relate to the construction project.

It sounds easy. Take out a ruler and measure the plans. It isn’t. Any construction analysis requires a detailed understanding of the quantities of work contemplated by the plans. The foundation of construction analysis is accurate quantity analysis.

Our staff are recognized experts in construction cost and budget analysis, including detailed costs for construction, conceptual estimates, cost of repair, regional cost fluctuations, construction budget monitoring. (I know this is the same description as cost analysis. Same concept called something different based on where it is used.)

A major cause of cost overruns is delay and disruption caused on a construction project. Delay and disruption can be simple in causation, or quite complex. The result is the same. Additional time and additional cost.